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The M1-423 Single Machine weighs 142t and the exterior size is φ4000mm×18000mm. And it is the key equipment of  PTA device in Liaoning chemical industrial which is by US.FOSTER WHEELER .With the operation of it ,there are many malfunctions and the stationary running time is hard to reach 90 days. At the same time the long maintenancev time and high cost seriously affect the device benefit of  PTA. At the beginning of 2003,we had a large transformation for it demanded by Liaoning petrochemical ag, which used the technology independented development by our company called multiple seal and spiral suspension bracing. And the stationary running time of M1-423 reached  more than 200 days, which created the best record in the same kind equipments in our country. It has created enormous economic benefits in the past three years for Liaoning petrochemical ag.

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