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Knowing the staff, Making full use of one¡¯s ability, People-oriented
The principle of employing is " Knowing the staff, Making full use of one¡¯s ability, People-oriented¡±. The purpose of employing is staff¡¯s development integration with development of enterprise.
We will put staff's growth as the first one of the business development. Whether interns, graduates or experienced professionals will get strong support. Haisheng will furthest provide a good working environment, quality training and learning opportunities for employees
to continuously improve the staff's technical capacity, managerial ability and team work ability.

We will provide employees with a variety of platforms to meet the most curious, imaginative and ambitious people¡¯s need.So they can feel the realization of self-worth at their respective positions.
Haisheng firmly believe that every employee knows how to do better.We will provide staff with confidence and space .Equality and fairness will be reflected in all aspects of the enterprise.It is the place that no matter what personal status,seniority, age, size you have,we only focus on the skills, energy, creative spirit and dedication. As long as you have the ability, you can get training and perform your potential. Let¡¯s join hands and make concerted efforts to create a better tomorrow that belongs to us.

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