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Reformed Vavle for Liaoyang Petrochemical Company
[Date:2009-11-28 12:08:42] [Read:1865]

      A company in 2007 provided the PTA projects with in a number of low-grade valve. No longer after using , series of problems arising.


Bit No.: ICV25676 41500Lb Within 3 weeks , The paint  of the mechanically sealing aerodynamic ball vavle spalled and the vavle base was heavy wear.In the case,the PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical Company consigned the ball and valve base replacement to our company.To ensure that the new PTA unit operational in time,reducing the loss, we must complete the repairment and replacement within 96 hours. As soon as in receipt of mission, we immediately organized personnel to carry out maintenance on-site reconstruction of the PTA . We succesfully completed the mission.The valve runs very well after our reforming until now.

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