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Reformed Reconstruction Dryer for Petro China
[Date:2009-11-28 10:43:54] [Read:1943]

      In the May 22 to 31 in 2007,our company repaired and reformed M1-422 and M1-423 reconstruction dryer for Urumqi petrochemical branchPetro China Company. After six months production, improved results are obvious, solving seal leakage of these two devices and achieving the goal; Reflected by the users, the big End bearing and "V"-type packing providing by our company are of good quality and fully meet the operational requirements of production;Our company ,during thecomplete overhaul, repairing the E305TA1titaniumand tube heat exchanger in the PTA for Urumqi Petrochemical branch is runing well presently;The oxidation and jacket tube TA2and auxiliary valve run admirably.And the service life is longer than 316L and duplex stainless


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