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Maked Revolving Joint for Bejing CVA-JAT
[Date2009-11-24 22:03:57] [Read1832]

 In early 2008,our company products three revolving joints for Bejing CVA-JAT Special Equipment Co., Ltd. The revolving joints match the dryer manufacturing by the ordering party very well . The three pieces of equipment for the PTA and CTA drying machine can interchang.

     This product is designed with the international mainstream technical, practical experience that: simple structure, reliable operation,saving. Compared with the domestic similar products ,it has the following advantages:

     1.There is carbon ring bushing  between the fixed components and rotating components,which is semi-film lubrication.It is of small friction, long servie life and low power consumption.

     2. Pairs of spherical are mechanical seal. Radial planar structure can be realized as axial, angular and radial three-wear compensation, operation of zero leakage. It adapts to the environment well and allows greater installation error.

  3.Simple structure, less wearing parts, convenient repair and small consumption of spare parts.

  4.Compact structure, reliable operation and easy assembly.

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